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Here at Bullfriend.Life, we strongly believe that the CORE of the bullfriend experience is sharing love and pleasure. 

We approach our relationships ethically and with consent. 

We focus on deep love, passion, communication, and treating people as valuable humans regardless of their role (unless we negotiate otherwise!). 

We believe in having fun, smiling, and making the most of our chosen lives. 

We do not discriminate on basis of gender, race, sexuality, or promiscuity. 

The links and events we promote and share will focus on these factors. *smiles*

Want to join a community based on those principles?

Focused on not only nonmonogamy education and connection, but on the passion for the Bullfriend Life? 
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You'll not only get access to nomonogamy education (Miss Nookie's book, and over 50 video/audio replays of presentations about cuckolding, jealousy, boundaries, dating, and more), but you'll also gain access to a full workshop on creating an asymmetrical nonmonogamous relationship, and a community that REALLY wants the best for everyone who joins—to live out your fantasies. 

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